Mark of the Thief by Jennifer Nielsen – Review by Tyler McBride

Nerdy Book Club

mark of the thiefYou may know Jennifer Nielsen from the Ascendance Trilogy (affectionately known by my students as The False Prince Trilogy, after the title of the first book). In that series, she proved her ability to write characters that refuse to leave your mind after you set the books aside and captivating adventure stories that refuse to conform to your expectations or predictions.

Her most recent book does not disappoint. In Mark of the Thief, the first book in her newest series, Nielsen’s writing holds up to the standard set in her earlier novels. Nic, the novel’s main character, is a slave in ancient Rome. While working in a mine, he discovers a magical amulet (which the Romans called a bulla) that was owned by Caesar himself. He soon starts to realize that not only can he not control the bulla’s magic, but he also has no idea who to trust among…

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